How to Raise Capital for Your Business

12th February 2019

If you believe the statisticians half of all new enterprises will fail. What is a fact is that one of the main reasons for business failure is poor or no cash flow. Even those businesses that manage to navigate their first few years and stay solvent will find it difficult to grow without external [...]

How Tech is Impacting Finance and Banking

5th December 2018

The financial services sector is changing at a rapid pace due to technology. Customers are in the driving seat demanding new technologies and digital practices and this means companies must keep up with the evolving landscape to stay competitive. Some sectors, such as retail, have already seen [...]

What is a Credit Check?

24th June 2018

A credit check happens when a lender reviews your credit report. Your credit report tells lenders if you are a responsible borrower so they need to see this report whenever they considering a new application. Because almost all of us have some kind of debt finance product whether that is a credit [...]

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