Intelligent Partnership – Peer to Peer Lending Report 2017


Intelligent Partnership – Peer to Peer Lending Report 2017

25 Jun 2017

Innovative online lender to borrower matching has given peer to peer lending platforms a cost advantage over the larger and less nimble traditional financial institutions, leading to very attractive rates for those looking to invest and those looking to borrow. P2P lending platforms and broader fintech trends have also pushed the frontier of customer service and expectations in the delivery of financial services products. This report has been prompted by the incredible growth story of the peer to peer lending sector as an asset class and the new opportunities it is opening up for retail investors and their advisers.

What is in the report:

  • Get up to date on the size and growth rates of the market and what drives them
  • Discover how government support, regulatory reform, institutional investment and growing track record are bringing P2P into the financial mainstream
  • Evaluating the risks and mitigants of investing in P2P loans in varying market conditions
  • Review the routes to investment and due diligence considerations
  • Get an understanding of the current fees and charges that may apply in the P2P universe

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